Whenever the National Endowment for the Arts is defunded, the local economies in artsy places lose about ten times that much in tourism and other revenues. The arts are much cheaper to sustain than the Idiotic golf playing in Mar-a-Lago.


04/24/2017 8:05pm

I agree with you. The arts should be funded. We should not hinder the growth of our national artists, hence, we should help it grow. Our nation artists are not just mere artists. They represent and give glory to our nations or country. If they are recognized in their field, then our country will also be recognized. Let us not waste the talents that our citizens possess.

07/13/2017 8:42am

I believe if you refer back to the Renaissance, one of the most influential art history eras, you will notice that there was a plethora of public funding for the pieces of art we so dearly love from that time frame. I believe funding arts, especially publicly, is one of the only ways to pay for large pieces of art work and they tend to benefit a large number of people for years to come. I have no problem paying taxes to support the arts, especially if the arts can be seen in public. I like beauty! I prefer this over spending my taxes on imprisoning millions of people are blowing up brown people in areas of the world we aren't even at war with.


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    Guillermo Ramon

    We must fight the utter Republican stupidity. They want to  eliminate money from the arts.


    March 2017